• 03.06. 2022

    Emil Viklicky Trio:

    June 9, Agharta, Praha, 21:00

    June 25, Hodonín u Kunštátu, 15:00

    June 30, London, Czech Embassy, 19:00 (with Julian Nicholas, Petr Dvorský)

    Pavel Hrubý - Emil Viklický Duo:

    June 17, Jazz Dock, Praha, 19:00

  • 11.05. 2022

    Listen to Steinway piano track: Gone with water issued on “Live in the Box” CD

  • 27.03. 2022

    CD "Moravian Romance"- duet with Miroslav Vitous - a nice review at London Jazz News 

  • 23.01. 2022

    My new CD "Wangaratta" was issued by Galén publishing and is available here. A review at London Jazz News.

  • 01.03. 2021

    Playing with Wynton Marsalis Lincoln Center Orchestra

  • 01.03. 2021

    Emil Viklicky - Petr Dvorský: Bechstein Palace, March 11, 2021, 7PM  here

  • 25.02. 2021

    New review: London Jazz News

  • 23.02. 2021

    New review from Ian Mann: The Jazz Mann

  • 23.07. 2019

    Watch videos: Marcus Printup

    Jon Faddis Quintet/ with Emil Viklický Marcus Printup and Emil Viklický Trio /with Laco Tropp Dizzy Gilespie band/ with Emil Viklický Night in Tunisia - Marcus Printup and trio

  • 05.08. 2018

    New trio CD Humoresque is available now!

  • 03.01. 2018

    "Zeitlos, poetisch und elegant",  Concerto (DE)

  • 03.09. 2017

    Emil Viklicky confident attack contributes in large part to the vitality and joy that exudes throughout the record /ACT duo Art - Together Again/. Alain Drout /DOWN BEAT, August 2014/

  • 30.07. 2017

    Moving easily between classical and blues styles, Emil Viklicky explores interesting harmonic variations. This unique fusion of folk with jazz makes for very engaging program, one that manages to be both fresh yet familiar at the same time.  John Adcock (Jazz Journal UK)

  • 17.07. 2017

    An emotional depth rooted in Moravian folk music which has led to his being called 'the Janacek of Jazz'. Dynamic and textural subtlety lie at the heart of Viklicky's greatness, but his irresistible propulsiveness, improvisational fecundity and sheer energy are what immediately impress on this excellent album.  Chris Parker´s review of "Kafka on the Shore"CD, Venus Records, Japan

  • 12.12. 2016

    "One of the best contemporary pianists, Viklicky´s soloing and comping, his touch, voicings and intervals have a good deal in common with fleet, tasteful pianists like T.Flanagan, J.Rowles and B.Charlap".   Doug Ramsey, JazzTimes

  • 22.11. 2016

    The best price for my CD "Kafka on the Shore" is in: HMV Hongkong only USD 21,27

  • 11.03. 2016

    "Emil Viklicky Trio has the same collective energy as Esbjorn Svenson Trio, though without electronics and rock input". John Fordham /Guardian/

  • 07.03. 2016

    Duet with Miroslav Vitous, London Jazz Festival 2015, Guidal Hall, Barbican, London 

  • 27.04. 2015

    Together Again is an enchanting recording of subtle charms and a fine addition to ACT's growing Duo Art series. Doubtless it will serve as a tardy introduction to Emil Viklický —one of Europe's most significant and yet unheralded jazz pianists/composers. Ian Patterson, March 21, 2014 http://www.allaboutjazz.com

  • 21.03. 2014

    CD "Together Again" ACT duo Art was issued on Feb 28th, 2014
  • 07.01. 2014

    More info: Emil Viklicky on Facebook
  • 27.09. 2013

    Prague Castle: Jon Faddis, Jaroslav Jakubovic, Lenny White, Tom Barney, Emil Viklicky - Jon Faddis Quintet - Tribute to Miles Davis
  • 10.02. 2013

    New reissues of my CDs Window and Door with Bill Frisell are available here.
  • 03.12. 2012

    My CD Sinfonietta - "Janáček of Jazz" is available for 14,50 Euro on Amazon
  • 01.11. 2012

    Emil Viklicky Trio concert in Hong Kong is one of the
    Best Live Jazz Shows of 2011 by Ian Patterson
  • 07.01. 2012

    New CD "Spring Awakening", duo Julian Nicholas -as, Emil Viklicky -piano, can be ordered by email:

  • 21.10. 2011

    KAFKA ON THE SHORE - Tribute to Haruki Murakami.
    Nová CD od Venus Records, již od 17. listopadu na Amazonu !!!
  • 01.10. 2011

    New songs on You Tube:
    Oh Love, love
    Overflown Bird
    A Little Wreath
    recorded live in Dizzy´s, New York City, Jan 3rd, 2011
    /George Mraz, Billy Hart, Iva Bittova and EV/
  • 01.06. 2011

    Reedice Steve Houben Emil Viklicky Quartet finally available on the web.
  • 05.05. 2011

    French pianist Jonas Vitaud plays 2nd movement from my new
    Piano Concerto E major
    The concert was a part of the festival of contemporary music called MusicOlomouc 2011.
  • 23.01. 2011

    Billy Hart drums solo on Austerlitz/E.Viklicky/ Moravian Gems in Dizzy´s, New York City, Jan 3rd, 2011
  • 21.01. 2011

    Emil Viklicky's chiming chords and poignant melodic turns on a Moravian love songs had a Keith Jarrett-like eloquence.
    John Fordham/Guardian/
  • 17.01. 2011

    Scott Robinson and Emil Viklicky in Rifftidies and in Bohemian National Hall, New York
  • 15.11. 2010


    Daily Telegraph, London

  • 24.07. 2010

    Music samples from CD Emil Viklicky Trio "Sinfonietta -Janacek of Jazz" w/George Mraz-b, Lewis Nash-ds, Venus Records
  • 10.07. 2010

    My CDs are available at Siroky Dvur
  • 07.05. 2010

    Reedition of jazzrock recordings 1974-85
    The Funky Way of Emil Viklický
    VAMPISOUL Records review
  • 30.03. 2010

    A nice review of Emil Viklicky trio CD Live in Vienna
  • 25.01. 2010

    Prague Castle, Jan 17, 2010
    Randy Brecker - Jakubovich sextet
  • 10.12. 2009

    Combine elements of Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson with a deep infusion of Moravian soul, and you have Emil Viklicky, the patriarch of Czech jazz piano. Jack Massarik, Evening Standard, London