Trio members

Emil Viklický


Trio went to university in his hometown of Olomouc where he studied numerical mathematics at the Natural Science Faculty of the Palacký University. Almost immediately after his Prague debut in the Hulan Jazz Sanatorium in the early 1970´s, Viklický became a key player on the Czech jazz scene. Apart from playing with his own bands, he also worked with Karel Velebný´s SHQ, the Prague Big Band, the Czech Radio Jazz Orchestra and the Super Quartet with Jiří Stivín. Emil Viklický earned significant acclaim with his very first composition, V Holomóci městě ("In the City of Olomouc"), in 1977, presenting a remarkable synthesis of modal jazz concepts, Moravian folklore and references to the legacy of Leoš Janáček. In the late 1970´s Viklický went to the renowned Berklee College in Boston to study, developing some very valuable musical friendships in the process. Upon his return, Viklický recorded a number of albums with his new friends - prominemt American jazz musicians: A Window and A Door with the guitarist Bill Frisell.

Together, a piano duo with James Wiliams (he played with James Williams again at the beginning of this year in New York), Midgets with Joe Newman, Magic Eye with Scott Robinson, and others. Viklický´s suite, Homage to Joan Miro, recorded with the Talich Quartet adn presented also at the Prague Spring with the British multi-instrumentalist John Surman and Kyncl´s quartet, was received with equal interest both at home and abroad. Viklický´s project Ad lib, with Zuzana Lapčíková and Jiří Pavlica with whom he has already performed in Japan and the USA, is of a long term character. The latest significant achievement of Emil Viklický´s was in chamber music, where he attracted great attention with an album called Homage to Josip Plečnik, on which his compositions are performed by fa number of individual artists and formations, most notably Magdalena Kožená, Jana Boušková, Jan Adamus and the Trio Martinů.
At present, Emil Viklický´s trio comprises the drummer Cyril Zeleňák or Laco Tropp, a veteran of the Czechoslovak jazz scene, and contrabass player Petr Dvorský or Frank Uhlíř.

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Petr Dvorský


Graduated The Jazz Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague and studied classical music at Prof. Jan Kment, Prof. Vaclav Fuka and Prof. Jiri Valenta. Since 1990 he has been an integral member of the Czech jazz scene and has been collaborating with many great Czech and abroad jazz musician, such as Emil Viklický, Mark Vinci, Steve Lacy, Ingrid Jensen, Markus Printup, Randy Brecker, Julian Nicholas, Lew Tabackin, Jaroslav Jakubovic etc. In 1994 he was rewarded at the international competition Jazz Juniors in Krakow in Poland. For several years, Petr Dvorsky has been nominated in The Czech Jazz Society Award as a talent of the year.

Nowadays, besides cooperation with Emil Viklický Trio, Infinite Q and Points, Petr Dvorský is a member of The Czech Radio Bigband and is also active in jazz education area – for two years, he has been a director of The Summer Jazz Workshop in Prague organized by the Czech Jazz Society.

Cyril Zeleňák

born 1951 in Košice, Slovakia.

Started to play in various jazz and rock groups.
Studied drums with Laco Tropp, czechoslovak legendary drummer.
Cyril played with Collegium Musicum, Prudy, Czecho-Slovak Quartet /CSQ/lead by Emil Viklicky /1980-86/, Peter Lipa Quintet, Emil Viklicky trio 1987-1991 and again nowadays in 2010-14. He also plays many years with Gustav Brom Big Band, leading european bigband traveling with all kind of soloists in Europe. Cyril was named the best soloist in Hong Kong jazz festival 2011.

Ex members

Laco Tropp

born on March 15 1939, in Kosice, Slovakia

Laco Tropp He began his carrier with amateur dixieland bands in Slovakia. For a short period of time he danced with the folklore ensemble Lucnica. He has been living in Prague since 1960 where he is known as one of the best jazz percussionists. He played with many famous bands: SH Quintet, Reduta Quintet, Jan Hammer Trio, Rudolf Dasek Trio etc. Since 1966, he has also played in Munich with prominent European musicians and American soloists — Benny Bailey, Booker Ervin, Don, Menz, George Mraz, Jimmy Jackson, Mal Waldron. He participated in many jazz festivals (e.g. in Prague, Berlin, Paris, Bled, Warsaw etc.) as well as many TV shows. He gave concerts all around Europe, in Egypt and Tunisia. You can hear Laco Tropp's renditions on twelve LPs and CDs. After he returned to Prague in 1991, he alternatively played with Karel Vejvoda's, Stepan Miklovic's and Emil Viklicky's ensembles. He toured England and Wales with Emil Viklicky's ensemble and played with them also at jazz festivals in Belgium and Germany.

Also with Emil Viklicky's ensemble, Laco Tropp participated in the Prague Spring festival in 1997 and 1999 when the band accompanied American soprano-saxophonist Steve Lacy and avant-garde multi-instrumentalist Roscoe Mitchell also from the USA. In March this year he joined Emil Viklicky's Trio and the Ad libitum ensemble of Zuzana Lapcikova on their concert tour round the United States (Washington D.C., New York). He recorded 4 CDs with Emil Viklicky Trio and other soloists.

František Uhlíř

born on July 24, 1950 in Usti nad Orlici

František Uhlíř Frantisek Uhlir is a composer and a double-bass player. He studied classical musical at the Brno Conservatory where he graduated in 1971. Then he moved to Prague, where he quickly established himself on the music scene. He played and recorded with numerous jazz bands and soloists, for instance Karel Velebny's SHQ, Emil Viklicky Q, Laco Deczi Cellula International, Barok Jazz Quintet, Jiri Stivin, Karel Ruzicka, Josef Soska, Rudolf Dasek. He played also with many international groups and players, such as East-West Connection, Czech-Norwegian Band, Dave Weckl, Sonny Costanzo, Joe Newman, Woody Shaw, Ted Curson, Lou Blackbourn, Phil Wilson, Ben Bailey, Benny Waters, Lee Harper, Steve Houben, Tony Nahar, David George, Jarmo Sermila, Roberto Magris, Gianni Cazzola, Robert Morgenthaler, Wolfgang Lackerschmied, J. P. De Barbat, B. Dennerlein, Sal Nistico, Duško Gojkovic, Scott Hamilton. Frantisek Uhlir made several European and world tours with different ensembles (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Russia, Canada).

He appeared in radio and TV shows both home and abroad. His album "Bassaga" (Panton) which features his own compositions, is one of the best in his extensive discography including over 20 LPs. Frantisek Uhlir has been the leader of his own group called F. U. T. — Frantisek Uhlir Team since 1987.

Trio often works with

Marcus Printup /USA/
Scott Robinson /USA/ - ts, tp
Franco Ambrosetti /Swiss/ - trubka
Steve Houben /Belgie/ - as, fl
Bobby Wellins /GB/ - ts
Eddie Severn /GB/ - tp

Recenze, články

Beijing Nine Gates Jazz festival 2012 Trio Shenzhen Trio in BEPPU (hell), Japan Trio in Reduta, Prague, Czech Republic Trio Steve Houben + EV (festival Rossignol 2001)